Split Earlobe Repair

Dr. David Seidman - Split & Torn Earlobe Specialist

The earlobes are extremities of the ears made of skin and a small amount of fatty tissue. One is often surprised to notice while studying the earlobe's appearance about the considerable variation in size, form, and shape. Aside from being necessary for a healthy appearance of the ears, the earlobes serve women and men as favorite locations for jewelry. Usually, the earlobes would be pierced to fit specific forms of earnings ranging from small diamond studs to more massive, extensive plugs.

How Do Earlobe Tears Occur?

Unnecessary weight or trauma can quickly overcome the strength of the earlobe tissues leading to a tear in the soft earlobe tissues. This split may be unattractive and makes the earlobe unusable for most jewelry. Clip-on earrings can still be implemented and can be used to hide the earlobe tear.

How Can Split Earlobes Be Corrected?

Dr. David Seidman and his staff have seen patients using transparent tape to repair their torn lobe, temporarily. However, a skin reaction can develop making this habit a poor decision in the long run.

Majority of the torn earlobes we see here at The Cosmetic Nasal Surgery can be efficiently and safely corrected using delicate surgical techniques. Speaking with Dr. Seidman in regards to which specific procedure would benefit your future is essential. The process is performed in our office, located in Richmond Hill, NY, under local anesthesia with other optional sedatives. A small quantity of lidocaine numbing solution is then deposited. The procedure is performed without any discomfort.

The healed and scarred features of the tear require removal to fix the earlobe. Then, in a straight line or a zigzag, the repair would be performed. The best technique will be discussed with the patient and depending on the specific location of the injury and the anatomy of the earlobe.

To support the repair and minimize scarring, fine suture threads would be applied. Antibiotic ointment would then need to be applied at home for several days to ensure cleanliness. Once the earlobe has healed, you would barely see a pencil-fine scar line without aesthetic limitations.


Can The Ear Be Pierced Again?

Yes, but Dr. David Seidman does ask his patients to wait for a minimum of 8 weeks before any earrings or studs can be installed. It is essential to prevent repeated earlobe damage. Therefore, being cautious with bigger ear jewelry and loops around children. Small studs are relatively safe, heavy earrings should be avoided.

Please note, this procedure is not covered by insurance.*

Procedure Starting As Low As $500