Top 3 Reasons to Get a Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Think about your nose for a moment. For good or bad, it’s one of the first things people notice about your appearance, it’s the star of your face, sitting right there front and center of your face. In fact: no one’s nose is perfect–even tho...

Think about your nose for a moment.

For good or bad, it’s one of the first things people notice about your appearance, it’s the star of your face, sitting right there front and center of your face. In fact: no one’s nose is perfect–even those Entertainers and actors alike with seemingly flawless features and having the smallest of facial imperfections.

The Nose gets noticed. That’s many nose jobs (Rhinoplasty) are performed each year. In New York City, we see the number of requests for nose jobs growing. Part of the reason is the healthy lifestyle of the new millennium. All those mountain bike rides through Central Park, rock climbing of the Palisades, baseball, football and soccer games take their toll on noses. When accidents happen, a visit to the surgeon to discuss procedures usually follow. But accidents aren’t the only reason for a nose job. There are many reasons to perform a nose job that can be both medical and cosmetic. The reason doesn’t matter, The Center for Cosmetic Nasal Surgery which features one of New York’s top doctors certified in ear, nose and throat procedures; Dr. David Seidman.

Let’s look at 3 reasons to get a nose job.

Reason #1: Your Nose Is Repaired for Medical Reasons

Have you heard of a deviated septum? A deviated septum is the medical name for a condition where the center cartilage of the nose (the nasal septum) is off-center. When you have a deviated septum, it is often difficult to breathe through your nose. The condition usually presents itself on one side of the nose and can sometimes result in sinusitis or sinus infections.

Medical studies indicate that more than 70-percent of all nasal septums are off-center. When a doctor diagnoses a deviated septum, he or she will perform a septoplasty, which is the surgical correction of a deviated septum. Septoplasties are typically not performed on young patients because the septum can grow until age 18.

The Center for Cosmetic Nasal Surgery in New York City’s Kew Gardens neighborhood and the Upper East Side, always realizes great surgical outcomes following septoplasty.

“I truly garner satisfaction, when I see how happy my patients are after a septoplasty , they can finally breathe through both sides of the nose, often for the first time ever,” says Dr. David Seidman of the Center for Cosmetic Nasal Surgery. “Many patients didn’t understand how not breathing through their nose created many difficulties.”

Many people are born with a deviated septum. Others have experienced some sort of accident or trauma and the result is that the internal cartilage in their nose has shifted and prevents them from breathing easily.

Dr. Seidman will diagnose your condition and confirm that a septoplasty procedure will ultimately improve your breathing. Even better for family members and sleeping partners, repairing a deviated septum typically results in less snoring. So those sleepless nights for the snorers and those who live in close proximity may quickly come to an end.

“Sleeping and exercise will improve after septoplasty,” adds Dr. Seidman.

Reason #2: Your Nose is damaged in an Accident

New York residents love to exercise. Our potential patients love to get outside when it’s warm and push themselves to their limits. Some of our patients feel invincible after climbing to the top of the Empire State Building or pulling down a game-winning rebound. But the force of gravity and plain old blunt force trauma have a great way of bringing us back to earth and we often treat broken noses on patients who face-planted while skiing, playing baseball or mountain biking or took a nasty elbow to the face during a game.

Automobile accidents are another likely source when it comes to creating broken noses. The good news is that if a broken nose is treated within two weeks of the accident, the results are very positive.

“After a nose is broken and displaced, there is a two-week window in which we can effectively return the nasal bones into their correct position with little trouble,” says Dr. Seidman. “After two weeks, the bones become fixed in the fractured position and it is much more difficult to straighten.”

Some patients consider their adjusted nose an improvement on the old one. Our advice following nose surgery is to take it easy, but some city dwellers never learn. Living in a state where going nose-to-nose with your competition and the elements is a passion, some people never follow the advice.

Reason #3: You Choose a Nose Job for Cosmetic Reasons

Your nose is one of your most prominent features. For good or bad. Some patients may have nose bumps they would like smoothed. Others may feel their nose is too big or too small. Still others may have had a rhinoplasty in the past and are unhappy with the results. Whatever your reason for seeking a nose job, the Center for Cosmetic Nasal Surgery wants to help you feel good about your nose and your appearance.

“The ideal nose should complement the face, and not detract from it,” says Dr. Seidman. “When we look at a person, we look at the eyes, the mouth, and the hair. If a nose calls attention to itself, that can be a distraction. The nose can ‘make or break’ a face. It should be a supporting actor , not the star of the face”

A good nose job can help raise your self-esteem. A bad nose can knock it down. We specialize in great nose jobs. Yet while a great nose job can help you feel more confident about your appearance, it can’t change deeper self-esteem issues. And we want to be sure you have realistic expectations about how a nose job will impact your life. So we will spend time with you discussing rhinoplasty options long before we ever operate. Ultimately we care about you, the whole you.