Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that alters the physical shape and appearance of the nose as well as conserving or even improving the function of the nasal airway. But the measure of our success with it is the result of our collaboration to achieve a common goal: finding a way to improve your nose to where it is not the star character of your face. Rather, our mission is to give the nose a supporting role, holding the features of your face together in a harmonious way. And similarly, it all begins with the establishment of a harmonious relationship between us, where we set the precedent for an open line of communications that will exist throughout the process.

Step 1
Listening To You
Step 2
Sharing The Artistic Vision
Step 3
Devising a Mutual Plan Of Action
Step 4
Capturing Your Image For Analysis
Step 5
Comparing Notes/ <br/> Refining the Vision